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14 de marzo de 2011

Bahrain, again, my heart is with you

I'm stunned. Bahrain, you moved me again. That small country, has surprised me once again. I was saddened by seeing the violence and cruelty of your police when they attacked you a few weeks ago in that heinous night. It hurt to see the subsequent crackdown and I was struck by the courage of your country.

During the following days, the world learned of the existence of Bahrain and condemned the violence; so you got a little of peace for a few days. I loved seeing all you did in those days: wonderful unity videos (#UniteBH and the one starting this post), many original, peaceful and crowded demonstrations, like the human chain linking; twitter campaigns, such as #idreamofabh... Everything to show you are strong, united, paeceful and caring, showing that you were after better life condition for the whole Bahrain, not just the Shiites.

But your goverment do not want to hear you and is carrying out sabotage campaigns, paying thugs for wrecking the city and attack civilians, in order to blame you later. Nothing further from the truth. In Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, same type of regimen, same methods, same strategies, same repression. It seems all dictators go to the same school.

But you did not surrender, you were shot and beaten up, but you did not give up. What a courage. Yesterday was a bloody violent day. Too much repression. And now, as if your government didn't have strength enough, it calls the Gulf Cooperation Council to help them deffend goverment facilities. As if they need help. Come on! Give them a break. What a shame. What a disparity. It's amazing how much power and money can corrupt. So sad. 

Saudi troups,arriving to Bahrain.

I do not know why I feel so worried about this country. Or about Libya, Egypt, Yemen. Of course, I'm also worried about Japan, what has happened to them it's beyond words, but they will recover. It's going to be long and hard, very hard, but they will. They are receiving lot of international help. And it's wonderful. Besides, we cannot do anything else to prevent more deaths there. I don't mean to be cruel, but it's reality. We can help them by donating money to Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, or any other NGO that will support Japan. But I feel so helpless when I think about Bahrain, Libya, Yemen. We can prevent more deaths there. We must do it. They need our support, they need us to spread the world, to be their witnesses. We must be. We cannot close our eyes. All my love and all my support to you Bahrain. 

All the strength to you! Good luck! Be safe please!

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